We are an amalgam-free office.

Most insurance plans accepted

We are an amalgam-free office. Tooth colored restorations for molars and premolars (back teeth), if not covered by your insurance plan, will be paid by the patient at our usual fee at the time of service. It will be the responsibility of the patient to submit claims to any secondary insurance carriers. We can provide orthodontic services without the bands and wires. Using clear aligners from Invisalign you can have the beautiful smile you always dreamed of.

We offer an Affordable Dental Plan for patients without dental insurance coverage. The plan covers two cleanings, two examinations and one set of bite wing x-rays per year per patient. For an adult patient of record and for children up to age 17 the total cost is $225.00 for one year. For adult new patients the total cost is $275.00 which includes a complete set of x-rays. With this plan any additional treatment will be discounted. Call our office at 610-594-2001 for more details.

10% Senior Citizens Discount or 10% Cash Discount for patients without insurance. VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express accepted

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